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James Robert Cade, Sr.


James Robert Cade, Sr. was a well known philanthropist, having devoted much of his adult life as a leading factor in the Councils of the Vestry and an earnest work in the missions of the Episcopal Diocese, of Texas in early Houston.   Mr. Cade was the first English immigrant to have co-founded the first St. Mary’s Church in Houston where he served as Senior Warden until death.    Prior to the building of St. Mary’s, he served the Epiphany Mission also as the Senior Warden.   (Re:  The Texas Churchman, December 1912 and the Houston Post, November 1912)   ((Ref:  Letter dated October 19, 1987 and handwritten notes from the Registrar-Historiographer of the Diocese Texas, the Rev. Lawrence L. Brown, D.D.)

Additionally, Mr. Cade was the first English immigrant to service as President of the Mechanics’ Building and Loan Association in Houston.   (Ref:   Directory of the City of Houston 1897-98).    He was also an executive in charge of the Southern Pacific Railroad Private Rail Car Division and counted among his friends such notables as Charles Lewis Tiffany and Milton S. Hershey.    (Ref:   A History of Gray Lodge No. 329……..1870-1970 and the Houston Post, November 1912).

Politically, Mr. Cade took an active part in the conduct of the affairs of the City, but never as an office holder, save as a member of the school board during the administration of Mayor H. Baldwin Rice.    (Ref:  A History of Gray Lodge No. 329….. 1870-1970, Houston Post, November 1912 and Family Diaries).

The 1317 Lee Home, circa 1885, of James Robert Cade, Sr. pioneer and prominent citizen of early Houston (Ref:    Houston Post, November 5, 1912)”    The 1317 Lee Home of James Robert Cade, Sr. was preserved between 2005-2008 through extensive efforts by the Greater Houston Preservation Alliance and the news media to re-route the extension of the Elysian Viaduct.   (Ref.    Houston Chronicle,  February 17, 2005 and the Greater Houston Preservation Alliance).      (Photo courtesy of Greater Houston Preservation Alliance).

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Authors DeEtte DuPree Nesbitt and Carolyn Kendrick Farmer

James Robert Cade, Sr.