Mission of the Harris County Historical Commission

The Harris County Historical Commission mission is to provide a unified and effective voice to preserve, protect, and promote Harris County history and historical locations, and initiate and conduct programs suggested by HCCC, and to that end shall:

A. review and process applications for THC subject markers, Recorded Texas Historic Landmark (RTHL) designations, and Historic Texas Cemetery (HTC) programs, as outlined by THC and HCHC County Marker Committee (see Article XI, Section 2),

B. maintain an inventory of all historically relevant markers and monuments, as defined by HCHC, within Harris County; and to make this inventory publicly accessible, including by distribution through technological options such as HCHC website,

C. create and maintain a Harris County marker program, as a companion and alternative to THC marker program, for the purpose of supporting local historical topics, subjects and individuals,

D. seek to identify and promote the development of underrepresented or other worthy marker subjects,

E. create countywide awareness and appreciation of historic preservation, its benefits and uses,

F. support and promote the interests and appreciation of Harris County and Texas history, the programs of THC, and, whenever possible, other associated agencies and organizations,

G. make recommendations to HCCC for the acquisition or improvement of property, real or personal, which is of historical significance, in compliance with the state laws pertaining to historical preservation in Texas,

H. accept as custodian, upon approval of HCCC and when feasible, documents, artifacts and other museum objects, and assure that such are received by a proper depository,

I. and perform other county functions as authorized by Chapter 318 of TLGC; the Texas Preservation Handbook for County Historical Commissions; and the Texas Administrative Code Title 13, Part 2, applicable rules related to THC for RTHL, Texas Historic Courthouse Preservation Program, Certified Local Government, HTC Designation, Restricted Cultural Resource Information, State Archeological Landmark Designations, Historic Shipwrecks, management and care of artifacts and collections, and all other applicable THC, state, and federal programs and regulations pertaining to same.