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Smith, Ashbel, statue

5117 North Main

Baytown , 77521

Sesquicentennial statue to Ashbel Smith
Directions: statue in Republic of Texas Plaza, located 5117 North Main, part of Baytown's Wayne Gray Sports Complex

Key Time Period: 1846 - 1865 Statehood - Civil War

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Marker Text: Text on 4 sides of base:

Front/East: ASHBEL SMITH, M.D. 1805 - 1886 " has duties to perform to its last moment: this world is not a resting place."

North: Ashbel Smith was born in Hartford, Connecticut, in 1805. Received his M. D. Degree from Yale in 1828, and came to Texas from North Carolina in 1837. He established a plantation called Headquarters on Goose Creek in 1840 and in 1847 purchased property adjoining his and a plantation home named Evergreen on Tabbs Bay. Part of the San Jacinto estuary. Dr. Smith kept the name, Evergreen, for the combined estates. This 1600 acre plantation remained his home until his death in 1886. Dr. Smith's active life as a physician, statesman, soldier, and educator often took him away, but he always returned to Evergreen and his life as a farmer, rancher, scientist, and writer.

West: This statue is given to the City of Baytown by its physicians and their families to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Republic of Texas, March 2, 1986.

South: Dr. Ashbel Smith served the Republic of Texas as Surgeon General 1837 -39, Minister to England and France 1842 - 44, and Secretary of State 1845; worked to establish the Texas Medical Association 1853 and the Texas State Agricultural Society 1853; Represented Harris county in the Sixth, Eleventh, and Sixteenth Legislatures of Texas; Formed the Bayland Guards 1861; was Colonel 2nd Texas Infantry Confederate Army; led the way in founding Prairie View State Normal School 1879, the University of Texas in Austin 1881, and the Medical Branch in Galveston; served as first President of the University of Texas Board of Regents 1881 - 1886.
Marker Type: Sesquicentennial statue
Historical Org: Texas Sesquicentennial (Community Marker)

Key Map Information: 501 G

GPS Coordinates: 29 46.864, 94 51.847

Precinct No: 2

Marker No: 00236