Marker Details

Meldrum, Norma, Plaque & Relief

500 McKinney Ave

Houston , 77002

Directions: The plaque and bas-relief are located on the south wall of the Meldrum Children's Reading Room; first floor, east wing of the Julia Ideson Building.

Key Time Period: 1893 - 1919 City Beautiful - WW I

Corretions/New Research:

Marker Text: Bas-relief: Norma Meldrum

Plaque: This room is called The Norma Meldrum Children's Room in honor of Norma Meldrum Born January 21, 1890 Died November 23, 1899 In whose memory it has been endowed This room was opened to the children of Houston March 3, 1904
Marker Type: Bas Relief & Plaque
Historical Org: Meldrum family

Key Map Information: 493 L

GPS Coordinates: 29 45.571, 95 22.156

Precinct No: 1

Marker No: 00246