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de Zavala Plaza

3523 Battleground Road (Independence Parkway)

La Porte , 77571

Directions: West side of Battleground Road, De Zavala Plaza area, SH 225 exit Independence Parkway (SH 134/Battlefield Road), 3.1 miles north to park entrance; Plaza is adjacent to and south of the Battleship USS Texas; it is west, across Independence Parkway, of the San Jacinto Monument; marker in front of (west side) of the DeZavala Cemetery, east of the Sun-Dial

Key Time Period: 1836 - 1845 Republic of Texas

Corretions/New Research:

Marker Text: Name honors Lorenzo de Zavala, vice president of the Republic of Texas (ad interim, March 17 - Oct. 17, 1836). Born in Yucatan and educated in the seminary of Ildefonso, de Zavala was an ardent liberal who was jailed 1814-1817 for political activities. In prison he learned English and became a medial doctor. In 1821 he was a member of the Cortes in Madrid, Spain, and later was governor of a province of Mexico.

After Mexico win independence from Spain, he kept working for democratic reforms. Loyal to the 1824 Constitution of Mexico, he opposed Dictator Santa Anna, and moved to Texas to seek freedom. On March 2, 1836, he signed Texas' Declaration of Independence. Later he signed the Republic of Texas Constitution.

Married twice, he had six children. The family honored his memory by keeping alive his ideals after his early death. The Legislature of Texas in 1858 named Zavala County in his honor.

Lorenzo de Zavala, many of his descendants, and some of their neighbors and friends were interred in the de Zavala family cemetery, on the plantation across Buffalo Bayou from this site. This plaza is dedicated to the memory of Vice President de Zavala, his family, and others buried in de Zavala Cemetery. (1970)

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Marker Type: Marker with Post
Historical Org: Texas Historical Commission (THC)

Key Map Information: 499 N

GPS Coordinates: 29 45.196, 95 05.363

Precinct No: 2

Marker No: 10639