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San Jacinto, Battle of, Historical marker [Brief] (Texas Army Attacked in Four Divisions)

Independence Parkway (SH 134/Battleground Road)

La Porte , 77571

Louis Lenz Inventory # 11 of 71, 1959 Lenz notes Bronze Star and Wreath removed by vandals; first (heading toward the battleground) in a series of 4 Centennial Highway locations (5 markers); 2.4 miles from Battleground entrance heading toward SH 225
Directions: From Loop 610 East, take SH 225 (LaPorte Freeway/Texas Independence Highway) east to SH 134 (Battleground Road/Independence Parkway); exit Independence Parkway, go north; marking from the light at the west bound feeder & the SH 225 overpass, go 6 tenths of a mile, marker is on the left side of the road, under tree, next to THC marker

Key Time Period: 1836 - 1845 Republic of Texas

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Marker Text:
Texas Army Attacked in four divisions: The Cavalry on the right, commanded by Mirabeau B. Lamar; next, the Infantry under Lieutenant Colonel Henry Millard and the "Twin Sisters" cannon under Colonel George W. Hockley; the 1st Regiment in the center under Colonel Edward Burleson; the 2nd Regiment, the left wing, under Colonel Sidney Sherman.
Marker Type: 36' Centennial - Highway Marker (pink)
Historical Org: Texas Historical Commission (THC)

Key Map Information: 539 E

GPS Coordinates: 29 42.908, 95 05.387

Precinct No: 2

Marker No: 10768