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Almeda [City of]

3810 Fuqua Street, Vinson Branch Library

Almeda , 77047

marker broken off at top of the pole 03/22/2008 by Linda Frost; contact Jean Harris [] has marker and in contact with Paul Scott 2/2012; repaired, May 2013 placed in storage at Harris County Record Center pending relocation/installation; marker original location about 1/2 way between Anderson & Broadhurst in 13000 block of east side of FM 521/Almeda, re-installed August 2015 at 3810 Fuqua Street, Vinson Branch Library

Key Time Period: 1877 - 1892 Post-Reconstruction

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Marker Text:
In 1892 Illinois investors bought land here, near a pre-Civil War railroad line, and platted the town of Almeda. With its mild climate, the town was marketed as a citrus farming community, but unusually severe freezes caused many farmers to turn to dairy production by the 1920s. Almeda became a prosperous dairy farming town. In 1893 residents founded a school district that served children from parts of three counties. Although Almeda became part of the city of Houston in 1959, it remains a part of local history. Incising: This marker is paid for by families coming by 1900 J. Harris Taylor Pretty Riley Dugger J. Parker A. Parker Edmundson Anderson Birdsall Ormsby Mowery
Marker Type: Marker with Post
Historical Org: Texas Historical Commission (THC)

Key Map Information: 572 X

GPS Coordinates: 29 36.310, 95 25.366

Precinct No: 1

Marker No: 12665