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11000 Gatesden Drive

Tomball , 77375

added to the DB by information provided by Bernice Mistrot 11/24/2009; the marker was not installed and in the possession of marker applicant Molleyo Murphy when she died in Feb. 2008. Trevia Beverly indicates that she is in contact with her children and believes that a dedication might occur in the Spring of 2010; as of 09/02/2013 the marker has not been installed at the projected location of Kohrmann Family Cemetery

Key Time Period: 1866 - 1876 Reconstruction

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Early settlers came to this part of Harris County from distant lands. French-born Eugene Pillot, his son Nick and son-in-law J.C. Sellers operated the Pillot and Sellers Sawmill on Pillot Gully in the 1860s, when the area was known as Pillotville. By 1870, Paul Kohrmann had arrived from Baden, Germany. The following year, he was naturalized, and in 1872 he married Agnes Othila Tautenhahn. Near this site, the Kohrmanns owned a general store, which also housed a post office from 1881 to 1911. Paul Kohrmann was the first postmaster, serving until his death in 1894, when Agnes was appointed postmistress. She served until 1911 when the post office closed. Agnes died in 1932, and both she and Paul are buried here in the Kohrmann Family Cemetery. The general store and Kohrville post office served as the social center of a widely dispersed population. In the late 19th century, families arrived from Prussia, Denmark, Ireland and England, as well as several Southern states. African Americans also moved here from the Piney Point area west of Houston. The locale had multiple schools, churches, sawmills and a cotton gin in the early 20th century but remained sparsely populated until suburban growth occurred. All that remains today of the original historic Kohrville to remind us of the Kohrmann family and other early settlers and their contribution to the community is an area designated as Kohrmann Park, adjacent to the Kohrmann Family Cemetery. (2006)
Marker Type: Marker with Post
Historical Org: Texas Historical Commission (THC)

Key Map Information: 329 S

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Precinct No: 4

Marker No: 13648