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Magnolia Park

907 76th Street & Avenue J

Houston , 77012

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Directions: North on S. Wayside from I-45, east on Harrisburg, north on 75th Street; marker near SE corner of DeZavala Park Community Center building (shares block with DeZavala Elementary School)

Key Time Period: 1893 - 1919 City Beautiful - WW I

Corretions/New Research:

Marker Text: Originally developed as a sprawling excursion park by John Thomas Brady in 1890, Magnolia Park earned its name from its abundance of Magnolia trees planted in the area starting in 1909, the Magnolia Park Land Company redeveloped the park into two residential subdivisions, Magnolia Park (1909) and Central Park (1912), which were incorporated together in 1913 as the City of Magnolia Park. Covering two square miles, the city was bordered on the north and east by Buffalo Bayou and the ship channel, on the south by Brays Bayou and on the west by rail lines. Eventually, the City of Magnolia Park was annexed by the City of Houston in 1926.

While the founders of Magnolia Park were of European descent, persons of Mexican descent have dominated most of its history, making it one of Houston's first Mexican American communities. The area experience dramatic growth in its Mexican American population as Mexican citizens left their county to escape the turmoil of the Mexican revolution of the 1910s.

Magnolia Park's two Roman Catholic churches, Immaculate Conception (1911) and Immaculate Heart of Mary (1925), have served its Hispanic residents for over 80 years. The area's oldest public schools - Franklin Elementary, DeZavala Elementary and Edison Junior High - all predate 1926. Major community parks include Hidalgo Park (1927) and DeZavala Park (1945). Magnolia Park Post 472 of the American Legion was chartered in 1928 and continues to serve the community. Council 60 of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) - Houston's first - was formed here in 1934. Today, Magnolia Park continues as a thriving Hispanic community in Houston. (2009)

Marker property of State of Texas
Marker Type: Marker with Post
Historical Org: Texas Historical Commission (THC)

Key Map Information: 495 S

GPS Coordinates: 29 44.261, 95 17.280

Precinct No: 2

Marker No: 15705