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Capture of Santa Anna, Site of the

N. Shaver Road, Washburn Tunnel service road/South

Pasadena , 77506

Notes: Louis Lenz Inventory # 12 of 71, note per David Pomeroy: this is only D.R.T. APPROVED; it is also approved by The San Jacinto State Park Commission and Governor O. B. Colquitt; it was paid for & erected by J. S. Cullinan, it was on land he owned; erected March 2, 1916
Directions: ocated on the south bank of Buffalo Bayou, about 500 feet west of the Washburn Tunnel's south entrance, from roundabout take N. Shaver St., exit east side service road before entering tunnel, as if entering refinery (guard house at entrance). Turn left across top of the tunnel entrance & bear right on the road leading to the park site.

Key Time Period: 1836 - 1845 Republic of Texas

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Marker Text: This point is the approximate site of the

capture of Santa Anna, the President of Mexico

and Commander of the Mexican Army, by James A.

Sylvester, Joel W. Robinson, Edward Miles, S. R. Bostick,

Joseph M. Vermillion and [blank] Thompson, all soldiers

of the Texas army under General Sam Houston.

Santa Anna had made his escape disguised in the

uniform of a private soldier, on horseback,

on the night of the battle of San Jacinto,

April 21st. He was captured on the 22nd and

taken back to the camp on the battle ground

where General Houston lay wounded. The salu-

tation "El Presidente" of the wounded Mexican

prisoners revealed his identity.

Approved by San Jacinto Chapter of Daughters of the Republic, The San Jacinto State Park Commission; Governor O. B. Colquitt, erected March 2, 1916.
Marker Type: Granite
Historical Org: 03 Other

Key Map Information: 536 C

GPS Coordinates: 29 43.492, 95 12.768

Precinct No: 2

Marker No: 200