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Crown Hill Cemetery

813 North Richey Street

Pasadena , 77056

Notes: on North Richey Street, not Road, E. P. Pomeroy remains moved to Forest Park Cemetery per David Pomeroy; Cemetery Trustee W. D. Boyd 281-462-0160
Directions: North of Hwy 225 on N. Richey Street; watch for brown Historical Marker sign two tenths mile north of SH 225 where road Y's into West Richey; one tenth mile north of Vince's Bridge Marker; Cemetery marker near 2nd Gate into Cemetery

Key Time Period: 1893 - 1919 City Beautiful - WW I

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Marker Text: Permanent settlement of this area began about 1891. Lot sales in the new town of Pasadena began in 1893, and the town was officially platted three years later. The first recorded burials in this vicinity occurred about 1894, although the exact locations of the graves are unknown.

This graveyard, originally known as Pasadena Cemetery and the town's only community burial ground, was established in 1906 on a knoll overlooking Vince's Bayou and Buffalo Bayou. The first person buried here was E. P. Pomeroy, who died on October 24, 1906.

Those interred here include many of Pasadena's early settlers and community leaders, and veterans of the Civil War, the Spanish American War, World War I, and World War II. The graveyard became known as Crown Hill Cemetery following World War I, possibly as a result of its proximity to the Crown Central Refinery. It has also been referred to as the Mexican Cemetery due to the numbers of Mexican-American farmers who were interred here beginning in the 1920s.

Although surrounded by 20th-century industrial development, this cemetery survives as a link to the area's pioneer heritage. (1991)
Marker Type: Marker with Post
Historical Org: Texas Historical Commission (THC)

Key Map Information: 536 C

GPS Coordinates: 29 43.258, 95 13.215

Precinct No: 2

Marker No: 10643