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Harris, John Richardson

8300 blk of Magnolia Street, across railroad track

Houston , 77012

Notes: Louis Lenz Inventory # 02 of 71; John Richardson Harris one of Stephen F. Austin's Colonists, came to Texas in 1823; died of yellow fever on August 22, 1829, he was buried in New Orleans; note Cenotaph is a monument erected to someone buried elsewhere; Adele Lubbock Briscoe Looscan, 1848-1935, died November 23, 1935
Directions: Cemetery is south of the railroad underpass on Broadway, keep right on side feeder road, right on Magnolia two blocks to end of street, entrance to cemetery is across railroad track; Cemetery is gated & locked; Cenotaph is in the NE corner of Glendale Cemetery in Harris plot near bayou

Key Time Period: To 1835 Indian/Mexican Territory

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Marker Text: As one of Stephen F. Austin's colonists John Richardson Harris of East Cayuga, New York came to Texas in 1823. In 1824 he obtained a grant of 4425 acres of land from the Mexican government. This land was located at the junction of Bray's and Buffalo Bayous. On a portion of this land he laid out and founded the town of Harrisburg in 1826. This family graveyard is a part of that property. In Harrisburg, on Bray's Bayou, he erected a steam sawmill and opened a general merchandise store. He also owned and operated schooners which plied between Texas ports of entry and New Orleans, Louisiana. He was a descendant of John Harris who founded the city of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. His wife was Jane Birdsall, a descendant of Nathan Birdsall who settled Long Island, New York, in 1657. While at the Port of New Orleans on his schooner "The Rights of Man," John Richardson Harris died of Yellow Fever on August 22, 1829. He was buried in New Orleans. This Cenotaph was erected by his Granddaughter,

Adele Briscoe Looscan

in memory of

John Richardson Harris

Founder of Harrisburg, Texas

on Buffalo Bayou.
Marker Type: Monument, cenotaph
Historical Org: Adele Briscoe Looscan

Key Map Information: 535 B

GPS Coordinates: 29 43.193, 95 16.468

Precinct No: 2

Marker No: 209