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Harris, Site of the Home of Mrs. Jane

620 Frio Street

Houston , 77012

Notes: Louis Lenz Inventory # 04 of 71; located within enclosure of Jack Roach Ford Company yard, 600 block on Eric street, Harrisburg; per David Pomeroy this is a D.R.T. marker, maintained by Buffalo Marine Service, triangular granite shaped monument with plaque
Directions: From 500 block of Broadway, north of railroad tracks, east on East Elm 2 blocks and then right as the road becomes Frio; the marker is near a flag pole in a recessed area of the fence line on the west side of Frio

Key Time Period: 1836 - 1845 Republic of Texas

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Marker Text: Site of the home of Mrs. Jane Harris, widow of the founder of Harrisburg.

The Cabinet Officers of the Republic of Texas were members of her household from March 23, to April 13, 1836

David G. Burnet, President

Lorenzo DeZavala, Vice President

Samuel P. Carson, Secretary of State

Thomas J. Rusk, Secretary of War

Bailey Hardeman, Secretary of Treasury

Robert Potter, Secretary of Navy

David Thomas, Attorney General .

The Town of Harrisburg was razed by the Mexican army April 17, 1836.
Marker Type: D.R.T. Plaque
Historical Org: Daughters of the Republic of Texas

Key Map Information: 535 B

GPS Coordinates: 29 43.267, 95 16.641

Precinct No: 2

Marker No: 322