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Hollywood Cemetery

3506 North Main Street at I-45

Houston , 77009

Notes: Class of 2011, 11HR13; marker received 08-20-2012; HTC designation 2010; marker not searchable by Keyword in THC Atlas, locate via marker search by County
Directions: Cemetery entrance is about 25 feet past North Main Street, on the I-45 north bound feeder road; northeast corner of the intersection; marker approx. 50' inside the entrance gate

Key Time Period: 1893 - 1919 City Beautiful - WW I

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Marker Text: One of Houston’s oldest and largest cemeteries, with over 30,000 graves, Hollywood cemetery has served as the final resting place for Houston residents for over a century. William James Moore and his brother, Samuel B. Moore, purchased the first 55 acres in three transactions in the spring of 1895. The original charter of the Hollywood Cemetery Association of Harris County was filed on December 23, 1902. The original entrance via a bridge crossing little white oak bayou brought citizens into the property from Fulton Avenue. When the Texas highway department constructed i-45, the entrance was moved to the west side of the property.

The first known burial is that of ten month old Buck Henry Warner who died of congestion in July 1895. Many burials in this cemetery mark prominent Houston citizens including actors, artists, mayors, judges, the first Houston librarian, and veterans from the Civil War to the present. Naturalist Henry Philemon Attwater, nurseryman Shinpei Mykawa, mayors Richard H. Fonville and Andrew Lee Jackson, and Texas house speaker Franklin O. Fuller are buried here.

During the cemetery’s first one hundred years, it was maintained and operated by three major ownership and management groups, plus some short periods of interim management. Frank P. Moore (no relation to the Moore brothers) managed the cemetery for its first 25 years, until Moore’s death in 1919. Owen H. Gatton managed the site from 1919 to 1926. The Hall family, Thomas C. Hall and his heirs, operated the cemetery for almost 70 years, from 1926 through 1994. Historic Hollywood Cemetery, Inc., continues to care for this beautiful historic cemetery.

Historic Texas Cemetery - 2009

Marker is property of the State of Texas
Marker Type: Marker with Post
Historical Org: Historic Texas Cemetery with THC Marker

Key Map Information: 493 C & 453 Y

GPS Coordinates: 29 47.393, 95 22.274

Precinct No: 2

Marker No: 16787