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Hammer-McFaddin-Harris Cemetery

on Willow Gully, near Red Bluff & Kirby Boulevard

Pasadena , 77586

Directions: From SH 146 one & one-half mile to intersection of Kirby Boulevard (not Old Kirby Road) and Red Bluff Road, through gate on the north side of the intersection, continue about one tenth mile on gravel road, keep right at "Y" (gravel road turns left), continue on dirt road through wooded area to pasture, approximate one half mile across the pasture to line of trees along Willow Gully, right at tree line on dirt road parallel to Willow Gully's south bank, approx. two tenths mile to cemetery gate; total travel 1 mile from Red Bluff to cemetery

Key Time Period: 1846 - 1865 Statehood - Civil War

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Historical Org: Historic Texas Cemetery with THC Marker

Key Map Information: 619 D

GPS Coordinates: 29 36.146, 95 02.902

Precinct No: 2

Marker No: HR-C203