​​​​​Harris County Museums


Museums teach us about our history, including the wonderful diversity of our regions inhabitants. They tell us about the wonders of nature, the lives of people of interest, they provide visitors to the region repositories of world class art and sculpture.  Museums present exhibitions, collections and educational activities that all segments of society can enjoy. 

This directory was compiled casually over a period of several weeks. The compiler attempted a broad sweep not dome before. Harris County museums of many types are included, not just the obviously historical in content.  Some tours are free, others are not.  Only a few of the museums were assigned to more than one of the thirteen topical categories.  If you are not familiar with one of the 130 particular museums, visit their website or telephone for hours, cost, and conditions. These are not licensed/operated/endorsed by Harris County.

Museums Directory of Harris County
Compilation by Will Howard - 2012

Additions and corrections are invited; contact the Harris County Historical Commission.


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4th Ward Cottage (Heritage Society at Sam Houston Park)1000 Bagby  Houston, Texas(713)655-19124th Ward Cottage
Ashton Villa House Museum - 18592328 Broadway Galveston, Texas 77550 | (409)762-3933Ashton Villa
Baker Family Playhouse – 1893 (Heritage Society at Sam Houston Park)1000 Bagby, Houston, Texas 77002(713)655-1912Baker Family Playhouse
Bayou Bend Collection and Garden6003 Memorial Drive, Houston, Texas 77007(713)639-7750Bayou Bend Collection and Garden
Beer Can House222 Malone St , Houston, Texas 77007,  Beer Can House
Bishop's Palace - 18881302 Broadway, Galveston, Texas 77550(409)762-2475Bishop's Palace
Custom Home - 1861502 20th Street, Galveston, Texas 77550(409)763-1877Custom Home
Garten Verein - 18802704 Avenue O, Galveston, Texas 77550(409)763-1877Garten Verein
Houston Center for Contemporary Craft4848 Main Street, Houston, Texas 77002(713)529-4848Houston Center for Contemporary Craft
Kellum-Noble House – 1847 (Heritage Society at Sam Houston Park)1200 Bagby, Houston, Texas 77002(713)655-1912Kellum-Noble House
Menard Home - 18381605 33rd Street, Galveston, Texas 77550(409)762-3933Menard Home
Moody Mansion2618 Broadway, Galveston, Texas 77550(409)762-7668Moody Mansion
Nichols-Rice-Cherry House – 1850 (Heritage Society at Sam Houston Park)1100 Bagby, Houston, Texas 77002(713)655-1912Nichols-Rice-Cherry House
Old Place – 1823 (Heritage Society at Sam Houston Park)1000 Bagby, Houston, Texas 77002(713)655-1912Old Place
Orange Show Center for Visionary Art2402 Munger Street, Houston, Texas77023(713)926-6368Orange Show Center for Visionary Art
Pillot House – 1868 (Heritage Society at Sam Houston Park)1000 Bagby, Houston, Texas 77002(713)655-1912Pillot House
Powhatan House - 18473427 Avenue O, Galveston, Texas 77550 (409)763-0077Powhatan House
Project Row Houses2521 Holman Street, Houston, Texas 77004(713)526-7662Project Row Houses
Queen Laura's Bordello - 18862528 Postoffice, Galveston, Texas 77550(409)765-1700Queen Laura's Bordello
Rienzi1406 Kirby Drive, Houston, Texas 77019 (713)639-7800Rienzi
Sam Houston Park & Architectural Museum1000 Bagby, Houston, Texas 77002 (713)655-1912Sam Houston Park
Samuel May William’s Home - 18393601 Avenue P, Galveston, Texas 77550(409)765-1839Samuel May William's Home
San Felipe Cottage – 1868 (Heritage Society at Sam Houston Park)1000 Bagby, Houston, Texas 77002(713)655-1912San Felipe Cottage
Slover-Rogers Cottage113 East Dumble, Alvin, Texas 77511(281)585-2803Slover-Rogers Cottage
St. John Church – 1891 (Heritage Society at Sam Houston Park)1000 Bagby, Houston, Texas 77002(713)655-1912St. John Church
Staiti House – 1905 (Heritage Society at Sam Houston Park)1000 Bagby, Houston, Texas 77002(713)655-1912Staiti House
Yates House – 1870 (Heritage Society at Sam Houston Park)1000 Bagby, Houston, Texas 77002(713)655-1912Yates House