Texas Cemetery Visitation Days

1st Sunday in April and 1st Sunday in October

As designated by the 75th Texas Legislature

Senate Resolution 591 - House Resolution 1097

Property Owners' Guidelines

Visitation Day extends from 9am (or earlier by mutual agreement) until 6pm (or later by mutual agreement). Please unlock your property for visiting descendants by the agreed upon time. If you are unable to be present by the appointed time, please post instructions on how to access the property at the public street entrance for visiting families.

For visibility, post signage at the public street access to your property. With this signage please post your name or the name of your representative, and how to contact you. Also, you can state any special considerations or conditions for your visitors to observe. You may wish to have copies of these conditions available to visitors.

By law, descendants have the right to ornamate and decorate gravesite as they see fit. This may include (but is not limited to) flowers, clean-up of the site, erecting or repairing tombstones, and constructing a fence to prevent livestock from entering the grave site. We hope that you might consider allowing extended visitation privileges for major improvements to the site.

You can lock up your property at the agreed upon time after the guests have left. We appreciate your consideration of access to your property, and will encourage visitors to respect this privilege.

Visitors' Guidelines

Access by family members is limited to the hours of 9am until 6pm on Visitation Day, and by other days and time accorded by the owner of the surrounding property.

Access is limited to the burial site and the route to it. Please respect the privacy of the owners and their land.

Please leave by 6 pm or other times mutually agreed upon, and leave the cemetery as neat (or neater) as when you arrived. Leave no improvements or ornamentation that contradicts the property owner's stated wishes. 

If you plan to visit an ancestral cemetery that is not well kept, wear working clothes (long-sleeves shirt (rubber bands for cuffs) and long jeans or pants) and old shoes or boots, and a hat with a brim; perhaps an umbrella and sunglasses may be advisable. Avoid early morning or dusk if snakes may be a problem. Keep aluminum foil or a window shade to use on your auto.                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Take a "cemetery tool kit" with you. Tool kits may vary with each person as well as with which cemetery you plan to visit.

     * Drinking water

     * First aid kit (include tweezers)

     * Bug spray

     * Heavy gloves

     * Rule or tape measure

     * Compass

     * Graph paper

     * Pencils

     * Clipboard

     * Soft brush; natural or nylon bristle; Not Wire!

     * Wooden or plastic scraper, when needed for tough lichen.

     * Clippers for removing grass and weeds from around the marker

     * whisk-broom (for clippings),

     * Moist towelettes & a roll of paper towels for hand cleaning

     * kneeling pad

If you plan to make a survey and/or record the markers, take a digital camera &/or camera and film and batteries. Tape recorders and batteries. A mirror or aluminum foil-covered reflective panel to help with your photography.  

Texas Cemetery Guidelines