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March 11, 1836

Headquarters, Gonzales, March 11, 1836:

Dear Fellow Texians,

General Sam Houston arrived about 4 this evening at Gonzales to take command of the Army. Having been elected commander-in-chief of all of the land forces in Texas on March 4th, he departed from Washington for this staging area on the 6th with Inspector General G. W. Hockley, recruit Richard Scurry and myself. Sidney Sherman, Mosley Baker and Jesse Billingsley were already in camp. Volunteers have been arriving at this place in preparation for marching to the aid of the defenders of the Alamo. We found the camp full of rumors concerning the fall of the Alamo. Houston will immediately send out spies to try to ascertain the true status of Travis' command.

The army, if in fact you can call it that, is in much need of provisions. There is only two days worth of food in camp and few guns and ammunition. General Houston arrived with only his white horse, saddlebags with maps, linen, writing paper and a book or two. He had a feather in his hat and a red blanket.

Orders have been sent to Fannin at Goliad instructing him to fall back to Guadalupe Victoria, leave a security guard and bring the remaining force to Gonzales,

It is my intention of keeping you informed daily of the status of our army and our objective of removing this land from the rule of the tyrant, President Santa Anna.

Respectfully yours, Alexander Horton, aide-de-camp

Meanwhile the Mexican Army: Mexican Commander-in-chief, Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna is still in Bexar after the defeat of the defenders of the Alamo. To complete his extermination of the rebel "pirates" in Texas he ordered General Sesma with 725 men and two cannon to march to San Felipe and then on to Harrisburg as the center prong of the Mexican Army sweep across Texas. General Gaona was sent north east along the Camino Real to Mina (Bastrop) and then on to Nacogdoches if necessary. He had 725 men and two cannon. This would be the left flank of the Mexican Army. General Urea constituted the right flank of the army and was working his way up the Texas coast. He is at San Patricio on his way to Goliad. Santa Anna sent Col. Juan Morales with three cannon, sixty-five cases of rifle cartridges and four battalions of troops.

View a map showing the location of the armies.


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