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April 16, 1836

​Headquarters, Burnett‘s Place on Cypress Creek, Saturday, April 16, 1836:

Dear Fellow Texians,

Praise the Lord, we are moving against the enemy. May the justice of our mission be realized against the tyrant of the land.

Due to an early morning rain, our march today did not begin until 10 a.m. It was three miles to Abram Roberts’ place near New Kentucky on Spring Creek and we stopped briefly. Mr. Roberts has served in the army and has been a staunch supporter of the cause. No one is sure if the General ordered the men to take the right fork which leads to Harrisburg and certain confrontation with the enemy, or if the head of the column simply turned on its own when Mr. Roberts pointed the way. The civilians traveling with the army did not follow, but continued on the left fork of the road to Liberty on the Trinity River. There was an incident involving Mrs. Mann. At Groce's’ she lent her oxen teams to pull the two cannons. She caught up with the army several miles after the turn and demanded her oxen back since she had understood that the army was going to Liberty and the eastern border. General Houston protested, but to no avail. She was quite forward in taking possession of her oxen and Wagon Master Capt. Rohrer took up the army protest. He sadly underestimated the conviction and determination of that woman. I am afraid that it has so broke his spirit that his effectiveness has been greatly weakened. Anyway, the day’s trip was on a level, boggy prairie that frequently gave way to wagon wheels. Even the General would assist in pushing the wagons out of the damnable mud. We arrived at dark at Burnett’s and fatigue kept the camp quite all night.

Respectfully yours, An Observer and aide-de-camp

Meanwhile the Mexican Army: After an all night march, the Mexican foot soldiers with Santa Anna’s company straggled into Harrisburg all day long. Almonte with 50 mounted men leave Harrisburg at 5 p.m. to go to Lynch’s Ferry and New Washington/Morgan's Point looking for government stragglers. About this time Santa Anna sent dispatch to Filisola to send Gen. Cos with 500 "chosen" infantry. Gaona should be approaching San Felipe. Urrea marching from Matagorda to the San Bernard River.

The Interim Government: Steamer Cayugo left Lynchburg early in the morning with the Provisional Government, bound for Galveston. Government transferred to the armed privateer Flash at Morgan's Point. President Burnet got off and spent the night at Morgan's Point. The Flash moved offshore about 2 miles in the direction of Red Fish Bar and spent the night.

Route of the Twin Sisters: Travelling with the Texian Army.

View a map showing the location of the armies.


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